The gar you saw in the picture is one that came back to haunt me from my previous fishin trips. A few years back I was runnin my trot lines and came across a gar. Now I know I'll make alot of folks mad by tellin this but a gar to a trot line fisherman is nothing more than trash fish. So I did what I always do...I clubbed him in the head and threw him back into the river. Last year I was runnin my trot lines again and ran across the gar in the picture. I looked and looked again before I believed what I saw. The gar had a big knot on top of his head. (Could it be the same one from years ago?) I think it is and that's why I had to take a picture of him to remind me to hit harder next time around!

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Alligator Gar can get really large with some of them weighing over 200 pounds. Anyone who's ever nabbed one of these long nosed fish will tell you that they have a mouthful of needle sharp teeth. Their main diet consists of gizzard shad, channel catfish, freshwater drum, bluegill, spotted sucker, white bass, largemouth bass, spotted gar, crappie, lake chub sucker and carp. So as you can see they put a hefty dent in the fish population. Gar are also scavengers. Some have been caught with plastic bags, hooks, coots and a variety of other objects inside their stomachs.


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