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A    Little    About    Mammy!

What can I say except that I'm a good ol'gal living in Alabama that loves the outdoors and anything that goes with being outdoors. My first love (besides Pappy) is fishing! I love it all and I'd have to say that catfishing
is at the top of the list. (Even if they do hurt)
I was born and raised in a place called Bristol, Virginia and I now live on the banks of the Alabama river in Lowndesboro,Al.
My computer is another of my favorites along with crafting of any kind.
Other than that I really enjoy being at home and I enjoy cooking. You can find some of my recipes at my kitchen.

We can't forget the children!
Let me introduce you to our clan. First you need to meet Shane and our rebel bulldog W.T.
Shane is thirteen years old and he takes after his dad and I because he also loves the outdoors. There's only one exception and that is that he likes snakes! He's been raised on the river and knows it like the palm of his hand. When he's not fishing, he likes nothing better than playing video games. W.T. (Walkin Tall) is just about 8 years old so I suppose that makes him about 56 in human years. He's Pappys' fishn buddy and guardian!
Next there's Michael he's one of my daredevils. He completed his stint with Uncle Sam as in the 82nd Airborne Although he still likes to skydive on occasion, he's more into racing his GSXR 750
John and his wife Diane live about 50 miles south of us in a little town called Greenville
He's also like his Pappy because he's an avid fisherman and deerhunter
Kevin is a sweety pie! He was in the 82nd Airborne also and right now he travels on his job as a cable splicer. He has a little country girlfriend named Lisa and I hope they will be tying the knot soon! It is because of my children that I feel so deeply about the following link.
"May God Protect The Little Ones"

Not    So    Innocent!

I'm sorry to say that my reputation of being mammy has been tainted just a little. There is a time or two that even I can be bad!
And when I'm in one of these moods I have two favorite places that I like to shop in to make that special evening. Cameo andThe Romance Store

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