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Pappys Hideout
Well Howdy and thanks for stoppin by ol pappys' place!
Just grab yourself a fishin pole and come on down to the bank.
You are liable to catch just about anything in this place!
I know that I'll stock it every week
with a fresh supply of tips and and recipes.
If you go out deeper in the pond
you can find yourself a weekly update on
fishin conditions in my neck of the woods.
When you get hungry just wander on down to Mammys' kitchen
and grab some of that tasty grub she keeps in there.
While your browsin around check out her page
When you get done all you have to
do is prop your fishin pole up in the bookmark section.
You're welcome back or night.
You never know what might be lurkin in Pappys' Catfishin Hole.

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Here's A Few of My Catches "Big and Small"!
I love to go fishin for those catfish even if they are a little small at times.
Here's one that I caught in my basket and he made a fine meal
And I even like catchin a few other critters like this ol gar here
Now if you like gar or want to learn more about them then try my gar page
Here is a couple of my fry cats that I enjoy so much
I do catch big fish but I feel the small ones get a bad rap.
First, at most fish frys and diners we always eat the small fish.
Yet, the only ones we brag about is the huge ones.
So I'm givin the small fish their rightful place on the internet.
Just look at the little fellows
Now who can have a web page without puttin your friends in the limelight.
Let me introduce you to one named "Perchy Thumb" a yankee from Michigan.
He's a great guy that I met here on the web. Check out his page below.
Next there's Kyle and Kody (his little rug rats)
Then there's Karen who lives in Alaska.
I've met a lot of wonderful friends on the internet.
As soon as I get everyones URLs I'll be posting them.
Maybe one of these days you can make it down to our part of the country to try out some good southern fishin.
I have a page that's devoted to Alabama fishin
If you like trot line fishing, this is the way that I fish a floating line.
Here is a page with a whole lot of catfishing links!!
Have you ever tried jug fishin? Well my friend if you haven't then you don't know what you're missin out on!
It is one of the souths finest relaxation methods.
Here's a page that shows how I make my jugs the cheap way.
These pictures were taken from my backyard. Location: Alabama River
If you're ever down this way fishin just give me a holler and I'll show you some genuine southern hospitality.
If you want to learn more about catfish just go here
If you're ever bothered with rats
get you a southern rat catcher
This one,
ain't like an old lazy'll get the job done right.
It's also easy to care for.
Just turn it loose in your house and
you'll never have to worry about feeding it.

Pappys' Friends!

Meet Perchy Thumb
Meet Chatty K (Ol Pappys Sweetie)
Mz. Jayne (she's not only sweet but a great cook to boot)
Heres Ol Norbert (one fine fellow but it's hard for pap to keep him out of trouble)
Blackdawg's Homepage
4-F Bass Club
Sportsmansweb (great)
Cheriwa's Home Page
LadyBass (Lake Fork)
Mikes Home Page

Pappy or Mammy Wood
Way Down South
United States

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